Everything You Need

All-Inclusive 30-Day High Intensity Strength Training Challenge

Here’s why YOU need this!

  • Improve Mobility

  • Build Strength

  • Lose Body Fat

  • Gain Muscle

  • Enhance Work Capacity

  • Develop Endurance and Stamina

  • Boost Motivation



I get it…

Life is tough. Family, kids, work, and whatever else pulls at you throughout your day can be draining. Finding your way into them gym is hard enough. When it comes time then attack workouts with focus and intensity many of you don’t. My goal isn’t to make you feel like you failed yourself with your efforts at the gym, but rather to have you seriously ask yourself if you are doing all (and giving your all) in your training and nutrition to actually achieve the results you expect.

Stop Kidding Yourself…

I hope I struck a chord in you that got you fire up, maybe a little ticked off (maybe at me, but don’t shoot the messenger). You should be upset at your results. You want something so badly, and often are making the first, second, and third steps to get there, but seem to be still stuck in the same place. Well, not for long… let’s shake things up.


The Plan

This 30-day challenge is very straight-forward. As you will learn, I am not one to sugar-coat things, or let you half-A$$ a workout. I’ll be completely transparent and say that if you do not follow these simple, yet often challenging steps, you will not succeed.

If you are ready to make the sacrifice (yes, you will have to give things up… like extra sleep, a late night dessert, or even a few beers), then let’s discuss the challenge…

  • Three (3) HARD, High-Intensity Strength and Fitness Workouts Per Week

The program has 3 workouts per week, each hosted on our workout app. You will get your own profile account where you can view all workouts, follow along with other members, and even record your results.

What’s even better is that each workout SHOULD take you one hour and includes a warm-up, strength work, muscle building movements, and an extremely challenging fitness WOD to maximize fitness and improve body composition (lose body fat).

  • Food Tracking and Nutrition Modifications

This is NOT a challenge where I tell you you will lose weight while still being able to eat desserts and have weekend brunches with mimosas. If you seriously think that is doable (and/or have been told that before by other coaches), you are mistaken.

You don’t need to be super aggressive (also depends on where you are starting from), but the more your can hone in on your nutrition (with my help and guidance), the more you will see results. That said, if you don’t address nutrition during this program, you will get stronger, you will gain muscle, you will improve fitness… but your sure as heck won’t LOOK like it.

  • Exclusive Support Community and Coaching

Unlike other 30-day fitness challenges where you download a PDF or graphic of a workout plan (which sure, those can work sometimes), I want people who are willing to train 3 hours per week, log their foods, and BE A SUPPORT SYSTEM for others on the journey.

A tribe is stronger than a single warrior. As your leader, I will answer questions, offer tips and tricks to help you stay motivated (however I do not carry pom poms, so don’t expect hand holding), and be a guiding light for your to follow if you feel lost.

Ready to Get Started?

To reiterate, I am very passionate about helping you achieve the body and fitness you expect from your efforts in the gym. Too long have people roamed mindlessly around the gym, machine to machine. I see my place at this current time in my life, as someone who can offer support, coaching, and insight to those lost yet motivated souls looking to improve their lives through fitness.

So, if this is you, and you are fired up about getting started, let’s do this.

How Much Does ALL of this Cost?

The 30-day program costs $59.

Sure, you can go buy an online workout ebook or do random workouts from social media. If that’s is working (and you can say you are seriously happy and thrilled about your results), then so be it. This pricing however reflects not only the Xs and Os (the plan), but also about the “Jimmys and Joes” (support community, accountability system, online coaching forum).

If you are up for this challenge and ready to take a stand against Dad Bods, “Doing JUST Enough”, or being unhappy about the way you look and feel… I am ready to help.