Isometric core strength is the foundation upon which abdominals, obliques, and stronger lifts are build upon. Learn how to perform the perfect plank. 


Lie on the floor with your forearms down, palms flat, and elbows under your shoulders. With your thighs and feet pressed together, squeeze your glutes and press your toes into the floor. Contract all the muscles from the toes to the upper back, and separate yourself from the floor. Be aware of your upper back rounding and your hips sagging. Ideally, you will have a flat back with your shoulderblades driven towards your back pockets. Squeeze. Breathe. Hold for time. 


Connecting the core requires maximal neuromuscular recruitment, mental focus, and isometric strength. The ability to harness the core strength is taught using planks, weighted variations, and progressively weighted carrys, strength training, and movement based planks. Increased core strength is at the foundational layer for all other human performance progressions.  


Typically, plank holds of up to 60 seconds are done to develop awareness and basic core strength. Once that is reached, adding weight, and not being shy with external loading will result in immense benefits to strength and core development.