Weighted Back Extension / GHD

Develop strength and endurance to improve postural mechanics, injury prevention, and muscular development in the lower back and posterior chain.


Load yourself into the apparatus, and secure your feet under the harness. With the pad slightly below hip level, hinge forward while keeping the back straight, stretching the hamstrings. At the bottom of the rep, contract the glutes and hamstrings and return to the top position. It is important to advise not to go into excessive hyperextension at the top. By keeping the abdominals contracted throughout the movement, you can work to negate excessive hyperextension.


Muscular development and endurance will lead to improved lower back health, functionality, and have direct carry over to all other movements. Additionally, by training and strengthening the postural muscles you will improve athletic potential.


To develop muscular endurance, keep repetitions in the higher range, accumulating muscular fatigue. Strengthening training can be done using repetitions of 5-10 with moderate load.