Clean from Full Extension

This is an amazing clean technique primer and speed developer for intermediate to advanced lifters. This exercise will develop confidence and speed under the bar, and will teach terminal full extension to a lifter in order to maximally recruit posterior chain and keep bar on a vertical force vector.


With clean grip spacing, elevate yourself on to your heels, and shrug with long fully extended arms. With your chest out and chin up, pause at peak extension. When ready, pull the mental trigger to forcefully and violently pull yourself into the bottom of the squat. The feet should open about one foot width as you drop, with your hips landing inside the heels, and your elbows forcefully driven upwards in the squat.


To develop maximal speed and sound footwork under the bar in the catch of the clean. Additionally, this will teach the athlete to drop vertically under the bar.


This is a great warm up exercise for more advanced athletes, using sets of 1-3 and rep ranges of 3-5 with an unloaded barbell. When peak speed has occurred, you may load barbell with very little weight and maintain speed.