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  • Service: Personal Training
  • Andrew's Favorite Quote: “We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” -Carl Jung
  • Bill's Favorite Quote: 
  • Andrew's Favorite Song: “So What,” by Miles Davis
  • Bill's Favorite Song: 
  • Andrew's Favorite Food: Arrosto Maiale, Pernil, Pork.
  • Bill's Favorite Food: 
  • Andrew's Favorite Exercise: Squatting, Pulling and Pressing.
  • Bill's Favorite Exercise:


Andrew Chiodo is a Brooklyn native, and psychotherapist working and practicing in New York City for22 years. Married to Bill Bland, he and his husband spend their time making dinner for friends, being great uncles, and traveling the globe. While Andrew has been a gym goer for years, as well as student of karate, it wasn’t until he began training individually that he began to see more substantial and global physical improvement and change. Training has made travel much easier as trekking heavy luggage through India, Madagascar, and Indonesia seems like a breeze. 


Andrew and Bill's JOURNEY TO FITNESS


“I was always skeptical of personal training. I saw it as an indulgence. My narrow thinking was greatly changed.” Mike Dewar and Mike Barbot are razor-sharp in their focus as well as in their scientific knowledge of how the body works.

The workouts are, of course, physical. But, also, they are mental. The J2FIT team pushes my mental and physical boundaries. The workouts force me to confront challenge, embrace it, and surpass it. These guys inspire. I leave the gym in a heightened state of physical and mental awareness."




Q & A WITH Andrew & Bill

  1. If you could eat one meal with zero consequences (magical fairy took all calories and health risks away), what would it be? (Andrew) Unlimited fried chicken, with a side of chicharron. (Bill)
  2. What is your biggest gym pet peeve? (Andrew) Loud, rude, attention-seeking people. (Bill)
  3. What motivates you to train everyday? (Andrew) Gratitude for my health. (Bill)
  4. What is one thing about life that you have learned through your journey to fitness? (Andrew) I do not take my body for granted. Training informs my life. If my body is functioning as optimally as possible, than I’m better able to help others. Also, I’m just more relaxed after I train. (Bill)
  5. What advice would you give to a younger you? (Andrew) Never, ever smoke cigarettes. Period. (Bill)


andrew and bill'S TRAINING VIDEOS (#billbj2fit)

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