1-on-1 Customized Training and Nutrition Coaching


Sometimes eBooks and mass training programs may not be the best approach for your needs as an athlete, beginner, or someone how wants a little more penalization into their training and nutrition approach. While we strive to bring the best support and connection with all of our services, J2FIT Custom Online coaching plans are our premium service to deliver 100% custom traiing programs, nutrition couaching, and coaching support (via Skype, email, text) to maximize your investment both financially and in your time spent training to reach your goals.


Our coaches specialized in strength and conditioning (athletic sports for high school and collegiate athletes, recreational athletes of all ages, and functional fitness), Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, endirance sports (half marathons, Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, etc), and fitness programs for all goals and levels (weight loss, muscle gain, post-rehabilitational programs, etc).

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  • Totally customized programming designed for your unique experience, abilities and goals.
  • Weekly checkups with your coach to discuss progress and adjust training.
  • No restrictions on the volume or frequency of contact between you and your coach.
  • ALL Combo Plans (1-3-6 Month) will NEED to be purchased or upgraded by client before new term on a recurring basis to continue service, or upgrade to longer, discounted term. 

What Our Clients Say...

j2fit weightlifting reviews by sean rogers

Sean R.

CrossFit, Muscle Gain, and Functional Fitness

I have always been involved in fitness, all the way back as a kid (PS, that is me on the far right). That said, I'm amazed at the entire program. I have never been able to find the perfect combination of strength training, staying lean, and being able to keep up with my fast-paced and hectic lifestyle. Mike has been my go to online coach and great firend for the past 3 years. I believe 100% in what J2FIT is, what they do, and how they do it.

j2fit weightlifting reviews sarah dewar.png

Sarah D.

Olympic Weightlifting and General Fitness

J2FIT has changed the way I train, eat, and see my fitness and life. I have always done mass online programs before and had good results, but the level of support and customized programming based on my goals throghout the year have been unmatched. Mike and Nick (I work with both) have changed my personective on the process of training, reaching goals, and reevaluting to always imporve.


Your Coaches

Mike Dewar J2FIT and The Barbell CEO

Mike Dewar


Mike specializes in Olympic weightlifting, sports performance, endurance training, general fitness, and movement. He holds a Masters and Bachelors in Exercise Science with concentrations in strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, and sports nutrition. Mike is a competitive Olympic weightlifter, USA Weightlifting Club coach, and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at New York University.

nick de frietas j2fit.jpg

Nick De Freitas


Nick specializes in Olympic weightlifting, sports performance, powerlifting,corrective movement and prehabilitation training. He holds a Bachelors in Exercise Science with concentrations in strength and conditioning and human movement. Nick is a competitive Olympic weightlifter, USA Weightlifitng Club coach, and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at New York University.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the next step after completing my purchase?

After purchase, you will be assigned a coach who will reach out to you usually within 1 business day (you can select preferred coach during checkout). You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire that your coach will use to create a customized diet plan (as well as will be asked during initial training phases to submit a 3-5 day complete food log). You will also be asked to sign a waiver and submit startup photos (during checkout). You will receive your coaching intro email 1-3 days after receipt of your completed questionnaire, signed waiver, and photos, in which will then kickstart the custom nutrition and training programming experience.

  • How do I communicate with my coach?

You will be expected to check in with your coach at least twice per week (please note that your coach will do their best to proactively reach out to you, however they will always be available via email). However, should you have an additional question or concern throughout the week, there are no limits on how often you can reach out to your coach.

All communication will be performed over email, social media, and potentially text/phone (at the discretion and privacy preference of the coach). We can work with clients from across the United States, as well as internationally (including over 50 countries worldwide). Please note that phone consultations are not provided in the coaching price due to cellular costs, but can will be an extra cost (and are based solely on the availability of the coach).

  • Which consultant do I select?

Typically, selecting a specific coach is not necessary as your coach will be assigned for you. Selecting a consultant on the coaching menu means you have spoken with that coach before about working together. We try to accommodate specific requests, but cannot guarantee the coach you pick will be available. Coaching selections are based on coaching availability, goals, gender and locations.

  • Will my coach help plan my meals?

Our one-on-one coaching plan does provide specific meal planning, meaning we will help to organize and prescribe a specific meal plan to follow and adhere to, however will not always specifically tell you what and what not to eat. We provide a list of acceptable foods, sample grocery lists, the approximate amounts to eat at each meal and the timing of meals based around your individual schedule (calories, protein, fats, carbs). That said, we want to be clear we are not chefs or personal assistants, but rather sports nutrition counselors and specialists. Lastly, we can work with you to fit your supplementation needs, and offer discounted natural sports performance products with out partners.

  • Will my coach offer counseling?

Our one-on-one coaching plan does not provide specialized psychological counseling (outside of our scope or practice). We are a sports nutrition and performance experts that provides diet/training plans for improving sports performance and/or altering body composition, however behavior and lifestyle modification may also be a part of the transformation process.

  • Do you offer refunds?

There are NO refunds/transfers of service on diet and/or training programs sent. No exceptions. There is a $50 cancellation fee if any order is refunded before the diet/training program is sent.

  • What if I have a specific medical condition?

Despite our coach’s incredible expertise (including advanced degrees in sports nutrition and exercise physiology), there are certain medical conditions that we CANNOT work with and will refer to a medical specialist in person for some clients. We would love to be able to help everybody that reaches out to us, but unfortunately we cannot and have to refer to your local medical provider in certain instances. If you have any questions about a specific medical condition please contact us for details. We CANNOT work with anybody that has been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder at any point in their life.

  • What if I placed an order but didn’t receive a confirmation right away?

Confirmation emails are sent out shortly after order is completed. Please be sure to check your Spam, Promotions, or Updates folder as sometimes our emails are sent there.


For questions about this service or your order please email: team@j2fit.com