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Cincinnati Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

This Olympic Weightlifting Workshop will instruct athletes and lifters of all levels how to properly perform the snatch, clean, and jerk; complete with technique development, specialized training to address weaknesses, and an interactive training session.

The 2-Hour Workshop Includes:

  1. Coach and Athlete Introductions: Connect with the coaches and fellow attendees to help you create a deeper sense of community within the workshop.

  2. Olympic Weightlifting Mobility: Coach led mobility warm-up segment specific to the Olympic lifts that can help to increase flexibility, joint mobility, and preparation to train the lifts.

  3. Olympic Lifts Technical Mastery: We will teach all athletes proper Olympic lift progressions, variations, and movements to increase technique, speed, and explosiveness in the lifts.

  4. Olympic Lifts Variations and Assistance Movements: We will pinpoint specific weaknesses within your technique and training and develop specific movement complexes and/or variations that athletes can do to specifically address their individual issues.

  5. Group Training Session: We will lead a training session where athletes will work with moderate loads so that we can fully maximize the highly individualized and personal coach to athlete workshop.

  6. FREE WEIGHTLIFTING CLASS: Free weightlifting class at 513 Barbell Club (free class pass sent via email).

  7. 2-Weeks of Olympic Weightlifting Programming on App: Join the 513 Barbell App, for free, for 2 full weeks.