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In-Person and Online Coaching Services

At J2FIT we strive to offer all of our clients services to help them develop better movement, healthier bodies, and maximize perofrmance on and off the field. We offer online coaching and training plans worldwide, and in-person coaching sessions in New York City. 

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What Is J2FIT?

J2FIT stands for, "Journey to Fitness". When we first started, we worked with individuals who have always been training, but wanted to be their very best. Month after month, year after year, our clients and athletes come back because their journey to success in the gym, on the field, and in life is limitless.

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Mobile Fitness and Training Apps

We have developed two online training programs that have been developed to fit the needs of our competitve weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, recreations lifters, and beginners alike. Our app is 100% mobile responsive, and is led by a team of quialifed coaches who have over 15 years of experience at working in the fields of funcitonal fitness, weigtlufter, powerlifting, human movement, and sports perofmance.. 

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Functional Fitness Training Plans

Whether you train for strength, power, sport, or simply to look and feel better, our functional fitness training program is for you. Developed by our top coaches, this monthly service comes with mobile app access to log your workouts, watch video demos, and even interact directly with our coaches and other online memebers.

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Olympic Weightlifting Training Plans

J2FIT Weightlifting has led nearly 10 athletes to National-level USA Weightlifting meets, and countless other CrossFitters, recreational lifters, and everyday fitness enthusiasts topersonal bestsand improved power and strength. We offer a wide array of Olympic weightliftni programs to fit evey skill level, with our most popular trainingplan being our nely revamped J2FIT Olympic Weightlifting App program.

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1-on-1 Personal Training

Invest in your health and perofrmance by working with one of our coaches who willdevelop and trailor a training and nutriotn program specicic to your goals and abilities.  

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Online 1-on-1 Coahcing

Work with a coach who understands your needs, goals, and abilities. When you become an online cJ2FIT client, you will be introduced to your personal team of coaches (at least 2) who will develop a training and nutriotn program tailed100% to you. In additon, you will be held acocuntable with training logs, food diaries, and monthly video coaching calls tomaximize your time and efforts.


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