As an Exclusive Member:

1. You’ll receive completely customized programming – unique to your goals, weaknesses (based our weightlifting analysis report), and current training experience and schedule. The programming is completely 100% customized to you.

2. You will have direct contact with your coach, who will be working with you; providing you video feedback, unlimited email support, and weekly programming progressions/modifications. The programming is completely 100% customized to you.

Programming Details

As an exclusive member, you will have complete access to your coach and complete customization of your training.

Video Feedback & Analysis

Guaranteed video analysis from your expert coach who will analyze your lifting technique and guide you towards constant improvement.

Unlimited Email Access

Unlimited email access to your coach who can answer any questions you have about programming, technique, or anything related to your training.

New Programming Every Month 

Progressed programming delivered to you every month (via email). 

J2FIT Weightlifting Facebook Group Access

Access to the J2FIT Weightlifting Facebook group along with the all other coaches and members of the J2FIT Weightlifting Team.