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Snatch from Full Extension

This is an amazing snatch technique primer and speed developer for intermediate to advanced lifters. This exercise will develop confidence and speed under the bar, and will teach terminal full extension to a lifter in order to maximally recruit posterior chain and keep bar on a vertical force vector.

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Muscle Snatch

The muscle snatch variation is perfect for pre-liminary work sets and engraining technique. By negating the ability to "reflex" under the barbell after the second pull, you will develop the motor mechanics of standing up VERTICALLY through the bar to finish the pull with the leg drive, and seamlessly progress into the high pull.

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Snatch from Blocks

This is great variation to develop strength and speed at different phases of the lift. Block training minimizes the stretch-shortening reflex in the posterior chain, forcing you to develop greater strength and acceleration. Additionally, the limited pulling capacities will force you to create greater speed under the bar in the catch.

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Snatch Grip High Pull (Hang)

This snatch assistance exercise is ideal for developing posterior shoulder, trapezius, and upper back strength that is vital to vertical pulling of the bar at the end of the second pull. To perform, start in the hang position, , extend the hips, shrug vertically, and elevate the elbows vertically to follow the shrug.

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Snatch Push Jerk in Squat / Sotts Press

With a snatch-width grip and the bar resting behind your neck, sit into the bottom of a squat. From this bottom position, press the bar up into the proper overhead position, making sure to lock the elbows securely and squeeze the shoulder blades together aggressively. 

Your squat stance should be exactly what you use in the snatch with the feet flat and your balance correct. The trunk should be held rigidly throughout the set in exactly the same posture you want when receiving the snatch.

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Tall Snatch

Lifts from the "tall" position specifically target your ability to finish you pull and get yourself under the barbel faster. Catching the barbell lower and quicker will allow you to increase your lifts since you will not be able to pull the barbell as high. By starting in this position, you limit the ability to throw your hips out front, which is a HUGE fault by many lifters. Focus on finishing your pull VERTICALLY instead of bouncing the barbell off the hips/thighs.

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