Power Snatch from Blocks + Overhead Squat

This snatch complex is perfect for developing positional strength during the first and second pulls of the snatch, improved turnover and drop under the bar, and developing better overhead alignment in the catch of the snatch.


Set blocks at any position of choice. Perform a power snatch, making sure to drive vertically through the floor. Upon landing in the power catch, pause, and descend into your full overhead squat. It is vital that your footwork does not change between the power snatch and the overhead squat. If you need to adjust your footing between both exercises, that means your footwork in the catch of the snatch is wrong, and therefore should be addressed regularly.


This snatch complex will develop improved positional alignment in the first and second pulls of the snatch (depending on block heights). Additionally, it will ensure sound footwork when dropping into the catch. Note: the feet should open one foot width (1-3 inches) from the pulling stance into the squat stance when dropping into the catch of the snatch. 


Perform this compex using moderate sets and reps under moderate intensities of 60-80% RM. Develop sound motor mechanics and turnover under the barbell to fully maximize this powerful compex. 

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