Snatch Press + Overhead Squat

This exercise is used to develop proper overhead mechanics and squatting technique on the catch of the snatch. This exercise is great to be used in skill development periods, strength development, or warm-up sessions


Start with a snatch grip on the barbell on the back rack position. With you feet in squatting stance, begin the behind the neck (BTN) snatch grip press. Unlock the knees and hips to simultaneously "press" yourself into the bottom of the overhead squat. This exercise is to be performed slow and under control rathe than explosively. Pause at bottom of exercise, and ascend under control.     


The development of proper overhead and squatting mechanics is vital for snatching. The addition of the press + squat will promote vertical squatting patterns and better stability in the catch of the squat.


This is a great exercise to build in any warm-up progression, beginner training program, or as a strengthening movement after main lifts and more taxing squatting and pulling exercises. Perform this exercise for moderate sets and reps using light to moderate loads.

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