Snatch Push Jerk in Squat / Sotts Press

The Sotts Press is a challenging exercise that will develop position strength, sound mobility, and overhead mechanics necessary for receiving a load overhead in the catch phase of the snatch.


With a snatch-width grip and the bar resting behind your neck, sit into the bottom of a squat. From this bottom position, press the bar up into the proper overhead position, making sure to lock the elbows securely and squeeze the shoulder blades together aggressively. 

Your squat stance should be exactly what you use in the snatch with the feet flat and your balance correct. The trunk should be held rigidly throughout the set in exactly the same posture you want when receiving the snatch.


This exercise will develop overhead stability, hip/knee/and ankle mobility, and sound overhead mechanics in the catch of the snatch. This exercise will strengthen the specific motor pathway needed to catch heavy loads overhead and properly land in the snatch


This challenging exercise can be performed first with a PVC pipe or unloaded barbell. Many lifters will require more mobility work to perform. Once you can perform the movement for 10 repetitions with an empty barbell, slowly add weight, keeping repetitions in the 3-5 rep range to build positions strength and reinforce sound mobility and mechanics.

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