This is a two-phase program; consisted of five training sessions per week, across eight weeks. This program is high in volume and intensity, geared to increase strength and muscular hypertrophy. The increasing intensity over the eight week cycle demands adherence to the program, nutrition, sleep, and recovery.

Additionally, the added emphasis on the Olympic weightlifting movements and their derivatives offers the athlete increased power production, technique development, and overall improved athletic capacities. The last half of this program is geared towards increasing squatting and pulling strength, with the last two weeks prepping you for a Week 9 max test out.


This is a monthly cycle consisting of 20 strength EMOMs (every minute on the minute) geared to increase barbell strength and power, gymnastic skills, and work capacity. Each EMOM consists of two movements, cycled through 5-10 complete cycles for a total of 10-20 minutes.

This program is a perfect supplemental program for most athletic, strength, and CrossFit based programs; in which increased strength, power, and general physical preparedness (GPP) is expected.