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Functional Strength and Fitness

Whether you train for strength, power, sport, or simply to look and feel better, our functional fitness training program is for you. Developed by our top coaches, this monthly service comes with mobile app access to log your workouts, watch video demos, and even interact directly with our coaches and other online members.

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Olympic Weightlifting Training Plans

J2FIT Weightlifting has led nearly 10 athletes to National-level USA Weightlifting meets, and countless other CrossFitters, recreational lifters, and everyday fitness enthusiasts to personal bests and improved power and strength. We offer a wide array of Olympic weightlifting programs to fit every skill level, with our most popular training plan being our newly revamped J2FIT Olympic Weightlifting App program.


1-on-1 Coaching Services

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1-on-1 Personal Training

Invest in your health and performance by working with one of our coaches who will develop and tailor a training and nutrition program specific to your goals and abilities.  Schedule your free 60-minute training and nutrition consultation today with one of our coaches, and kick-start your fitness and performance, here in New York City.

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Online 1-on-1 Coaching

Work with a coach who understands your needs, goals, and abilities. When you become an online J2FIT client, you will be introduced to your personal team of coaches (at least 2) who will develop a training and nutrition program tailored 100% to you. In addition, you will be held accountable with training logs, food diaries, and monthly video coaching calls to maximize your time and efforts. Schedule your free 15-minute coaching call today.


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