Daily 20 Minute Workouts to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Get Fit!


This is an all-inclusive monthly subscription for fitness enthusiasts, CrossFit athletes, weightlifters, sports teams, and entry-level gym goers looking for a a training program that is built to develop:

  • Total Body Strength

  • Muscle Hypertrophy (growth)

  • Work Capacity and Endurance

  • Mental Toughness

  • Burn Bodyfat



Program Details


This is the perfect training program to maximize fitness and health, especially when paired with our Functional Strength and Fitness app or a general running, CrossFit, or other sport routine. This all-inclusive app based program comes with all needed video demos, workout trackers, and online coaching support you need, and can be used as a supplemental strength program to your current routine. 

Workouts Per Week: 5

Level of Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (all exercises can be modified and progressed)

Primary Goals: Strength, Power, Muscle Building (Hypertrophy), Work Capacity, and Fat Loss

Special Notes: This training program is geared to develop strength and fitness via increase work capacity and training volumes. Workouts are 12-20 minutes long, and should be paired with some sort of more comprehensive training program (such as others listed). The intent of this workout plan is to offer daily variations and increase muscle growth to an already current fitness routine, whether it be daily CrossFit WODs, running programs, or sports training.


The app comes complete with:


  1. Custom Profile: Create you personalized profile to track and store all you workouts and even connect with other community members

  2. Email Delivery: Get email reminders and workouts every day that you should be training.

  3. Video Demos: Our workouts will challenge you, and will demand that you try new movements on a consistent basis to keep you body adapting. Every exercise in every workout comes with a detailed exercise video tutorial.

  4. Personalized Analytics: As you track your workouts, our app stores and analyzes everything. Want to know if you are getting stronger, we got you covered. What about better endurance? Yup, that's in there too.

  5. Friendly Competition: For some of you, you will find it very helpful to have some healthy competition against other app members. In some workouts, you will have the chance to record your best time or score and see how you stack up against your online training partners


Real Muscle For Life


We believe that being strong and powerful doesn't have to come at the expense of moving like crud or getting winded during workouts. Our program was build to maximize performance for strength and power athletes, while also help endurance athletes gain muscle and move better. Take a look at what our online community of coaches and athletes are up too!