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Workout of the Day EMOMs



20 minute workouts geared for fitness and sport athletes who are looking to increase strength, power, and build muscle!

* 20+ different workouts per week

* Programming based upon our highly successful 28 Days of Strength EMOMs program and eBook, with 1,000+ views and multiple copies sold, every month!

* Workouts are comprised of one strength/power movement and one bodyweight/gymnastics movement, paired together in an EMOM (every minute on the minute format) 

* Barbell strength movements, bodyweight and gymnastics exercises, kettlebell training, and more

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Functional Strength and Fitness


4 training sessions per week for CrossFit athletes, functional fitness, runners, and more. Sets out to develop a balanced, strong, and athletic physique to help you perform and look better.

* Strength and Power Training: Barbell lifts (squats, presses, deadlifts, etc) and explosive training (plyometrics, jumping, etc).

* High Intensity Metcons: Metabolic conditioning to build muscle, cardiovascular endurance, and burn bodyfat.

* Corrective movements, mobility, and flexibility training to improve movement, enhance recovery, and increase injury resilience.

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Olympic Weightlifting Daily


5-6 training sessions per week geared for the intermediate and advanced level weightlifters (3+ months of lifting experience).

* Snatch and clean and jerk training, 3 + times per week

* Exercise tutorials and workout tracking (withing app), complete with Facebook group forums for posting of videos for coach analysis and long-term analytics on results (in reports form, submitted at the end of every cycle).

* Emphasis on squatting, pulling, and pressing strength, accessory movements, and flexibility/mobility.