Look Like You Lift!

The All-Inclusive Weightlifting, Strength, and Bodybuilding Workout Program

Summer 2019 Program Start Dates

We will offer three summer sessions, each running 20-weeks. During checkout, please designate which session you are looking to join.

  • April 29th, 2019 - Register from April 1- April 28th, 2019 (Summer A)

  • June 3rd, 2019 - Register from April 29th - June 2nd, 2019 (Summer B)

  • July 1st, 2019 - Register from June 3rd - June 30th, 2019 (Summer C)

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It all started when…

I was talking with some lifters who were always asking about how they can pack on lean muscle and look like they lift, and still stay focused on their weightlifting goals.

I was baffled at this, as I see the answer as pretty straight forward, but after talking with a lot of lifters they find it difficult to get the necessary oly and strength reps in and THEN do accessory exercises for aesthetic purposes. Lucky for them, I love both weightlifting and bodybuilding, and have found a way to blend the two together that have actually helped my athletes lean out, gain muscle mass; aid continue to PR on the platform.

The Plan

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the program. Here’s a sample Olys + Shoulders, Triceps, and Back Workout if you are curious as to what to expect!

Olympic Lifts (Snatch, Clean, and Jerk)

Olys will be every day with loads staying relatively light 70-80% on most days. We will have one day where you will work to heavy olys / oly complex. We will also do deadlifts on that day (not crazy heavy, but good volume).

Strength Lifts (Squats, Push Press, and Bench Press)

We will train back squats, front squats, push presses, and bench presses on a 20-week strength program. Every 5 weeks we will take your 90% 1RM and DEMAND you to give us ONE MAX REP EFFORT SET, with each repetition counting towards a new strength PR! We will then rinse and repeat, add some variety into new blocks, and progress you towards more PRs.

Bodybuilding and Accessory Exercises

This is where the magic actually happens. Most weightlifters and strength athletes get to the accessory/bodybuilding segments of their workouts and either skip out, don’t do them correctly, or simply don’t do enough volume to actually make a difference in muscle size, density, and lean body mass.

I’m a sucker for volume, and you will be too when I’m done with you. Science has REPEATEDLY shown us that volume (not necessarily heavy loads) can increase muscle size, stimulate new muscle growth, and help you increase hormonal production (all of which can help you gain strength and power)… all without overtaxing the nervous system (this is key).

Every session will have a “body-part” that we will attack, such as squats followed by quads and hamstring work.. or push presses paired with shoulders and arms. Every session will incorporate 4-6 exercises done in higher volume to induce serious muscle growth (visual gains)!

Workout Split

It’s basically two upper, two lower, and then a total body day. Each day will emphasize an oly lift, strength lift, and then accessory work geared towards adding muscle.


It’s 5 days per week, about 5-7 exercises per day. We will also train arms and abs/core each 2x/week.

Program Length

The program consists of four, 5-week blocks (20-weeks total). Every 5-week block has three escalating intensity weeks, a deload week, and a test week. After every test week you will use you newfound PRs as your new working maxes to continue to progress strength, oly lifts, and muscle gain. We expect multiple PRs to be set throughout the program, not just at the end.

Ready to Get Started?

To reiterate, the program officially starts April 29th, and runs the entire summer (April 29th through Labor Day 2019). Registration closes on the last day of the registration period at 8pm EST. Check above for the three summer sessions (A, B, and C).


The 20-week program costs $150. This program will be run exclusively on our mobile app, which allows you to have access to cool features like video demos, tracking, updated PRs and projected maxes (calculated for you in the app), and access to our exclusive Facebook Weightlifting Group (where you can ask questions, upload videos for coach feedback and form checks).

Look Like You Lift Weightlifting Program.jpg