Welcome to J2FIT Strength and Conditioning. Our semi-private personal training offers a hands-on coaching experience at an affordable price for our members. Every semi-private session is limited to 3 clients at once, meaning our coaches can interact, coach, and facilitate every client in a personal and direct manner.

Why Choose Semi-Private Training?

At J2FIT, we have had success as both 1-on-1 personal trainers, teaching larger groups and teams, and even doing class formats. We have found, however, that the semi-private option offers our members a financially sustainable training solution while still offering the exclusivity and personalization your training program and coaching should have.

  • More Affordable Than 1-on-1 Personal Training

  • 100% Individualize Program (we make sure that every client does a program for their goals, meaning you will not be doing same workout as the person next to you… this is not a class where you get lost in, are just another member, and receiving no coaching or feedback)

  • Personalized Sessions - Coach to Client Ratio (1:3)

  • Heightened Accountability

  • Improved Motivation When Training With Others

  • Deeper Connection and Positive Relationships with Other Community Members Striving for Improvement


What is Semi-Private Training?

We design the program you need based on your goals—and then train you alongside 1 or 2 others (MAX).

  • As with private training, every client does what’s right for him/her.

  • But it’s more fun—because you’re not doing it alone.

  • It’s also more affordable than one-on-one training, with a similar focus on your body, and your goals.

Semi-private training is a plus for everyone. Our clients thrive, and our coaches can cultivate fun and dynamic workouts that emphasize teamwork and cooperation.

Training Packages

training packages j2fit semi private

Semi-Private Training Times

Below are our most popular training time options. With increased training time demands, we can always open up more reservation spots to accommodate your training! If you need another time to train, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate, as we are always adding more training time options :)

  • Weekday Mornings (8am start time)

  • Weekday Evenings (6pm start time)



What to Expect…

Step 1: During your first visit, you’ll receive an assessment. Are you looking to build lean body mass, and/or increase your strength? Do you want to perfect your posture, and/or clean up your diet? Would you like more flexibility, better cardiovascular health, or something else? All of these can be measured. We’ll find out where you are now…and then work to get you to the next league.

Step 2: From there, our team of coaches will develop a training program tailored to your individual needs, and will share this with you on our mobile app so that you have 100% access to it, 100% of the time.

Step 3: After your initial consultation, you will be given access to the training calendar which will show you all of the days and times you can train with a coach. Semi-private sessions are limited to 3 members per 1 coach at a time, so if you want to reserve your time spot the day you sign up, we can do that for you… or you can simply schedule as needed on the app.

Step 4: Once you show up to you training time, your coach will facilitate your warm-ups and get you started with your workout. You will be able to train, alongside other members, increasing motivation and creating positive relationships on our awesome community-based environment. Your coach will help with correcting proper technique, keeping rest periods from going on too long, increasing motivation, and help you get an amazing workout!

Step 5: At the end of every session, you will be asked to be sure to log and track all of your workout data, such as weight lifted, workout notes, and nutrition from the previous day.

Step 6: Rinse, Repeat, RESULTS!

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