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This is an all-inclusive monthly subscription for Olympic weightlifters, CrossFitters, and fitness enthusiasts looking for a complete and/or supplemental weightlifting program. 



J2FIT Weightlifting


We believe that champions are built through smart programming, tenacity, and time. Take a look at the J2FIT community of coaches, team athletes, and fitness enthusiasts training hard!


Program Details


This is the perfect training program to maximize technique and strength in the sport/lifts of Olympic weightlifting. This all-inclusive app based program comes with all needed video demos, workout trackers, and online coaching support you need. 

Training Sessions: 5-6x/week (can choose days if using as supplemental program)

Level of Difficulty: We recommend that you have at least 2 months of Olympic weightlifting experience, whether from previous sports, CrossFit, or other fitness backgrounds. While this is a comprehensive program for competitive and recreational Olympic weightlifter, many beginners will be able to kick-start their weightlifting experience with many of these movements. More advanced athletes will find this to be the perfect training program to build serious strength and maximize technique.

Primary Exercises: Below are the typical weekly frequencies of each movement.

  • Squat (back and front): 3x/week
  • Snatch: 2-3x/week
  • Clean: 2-3x/week
  • Jerk: 2-3x/week
  • Pulling (clean and snatch/deadlifts): 1-2x/week
  • Accessory Work: 3-4x/week

Supplemental Training Program: This program can be used as a supplemental program for CrossFit athletes and general fitness goers, with the ability to adapt workout schedules and choose which workouts you feel are best based on your other routines. For best results, be an active member in our exclusive weightlifting Facebook group to discuss what you should specifically do to balance out your training.


The app comes complete with:


  1. Weekly Exercise Progressions: Our coaches take pride in their abilities to program towards weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually goals and events to develop the best weightlifters, regardless of entry level.
  2. Leader Boards and Messaging: Healthy competition can do wonders for your motivational levels, daily commitment to consistency, and sense of togetherness when you find yourself alone doing squats before the sun rises every Monday. 
  3. Exercise Video Tutorials: Your workouts are jam packed with video tutorials for nearly every single snatch variation, upper body lift, core exercise, and squat session, offering you the online coaching support you need to maximize your experience.
  4. Personalized Member Profile: The app will serve as your personal portfolio to track your training, review your results, and continually prepare yourself to become better. Create a custom user profile, individualize your working maxes and previous training history, keep notes, and interact with coaches all in one place.
  5. Performance Tracking: Monitor your progress every workout by logging weights used, personal notes, and records hit. Our app will then record all of your training history, generate data and analytics on your performance, and even update pre-existing maxes to continually progress your training.
  6. Experienced Coaches: Without talking too much about ourselves, we take pride in coaching education, experience, and our commitment to providing the best support to our athletes. 

What Our Online Athletes Are Saying...


Nick D.

I cant stress enough the importance of doing dedicated technique lifts and assistance exercise every day. Coming into the program, I was nearly squatting 450lbs low bar, and in a few short months I am up to nearly 500lbs high bar! I just recently PR'd my 3-position clean at 130kg/286lbs, which used to be my max...


Lindsey L.


"I am a pretty serious CrossFit chick, and I absolutely love barbell WODs. As I became more fit and got stronger, I noticed I was having issues with my technique, as I didn't spend too much time in the beginning perfecting it. I was able to do J2FIT Weightlifting a few days per week, which really forced me to become better at snatches, jerks, and get stronger legs. I was so inspired I actually competed in a weightlifting meet, where I PR'd my snatch (63kg/138lbs) and clean and jerk 79kg/174lbs) too!"

matt j2fit weightlifiting

Matt E.

"I started with J2FIT weightlifting back in March 2016. I had issues performing the empty barbell warm-ups and couldn't even do an overhead squat with a PVC pipe. Things have changed in the past year, for sure. I acutally just competed in the USA Weightlifting American Open Series II in Miami, FLorida where I ended up hitting a snatch PR of 108kg/238lbs and took first place in my heat!"