Push Ups

An essential body-weight movement that demonstrates upper body strength as well as core strength. 


Start in a plank position with the elbows extended. Take a breath and begin by bending the elbows to lower the body towards the ground. Push firmly against the ground as if trying to push through it to return the body to the starting position. Exhale upon returning to the to the plank.  Maintain a plank position with the rest of the body throughout the descend.  


The body-weight  push up is an exercise that strengthens the pushing ability of the upper body directly by learning to push the body off the ground. The exercise strengthens the overall upper body  simultaneously because the body must decelerate during the eccentric phase, downward movement, which leads to lat engagement. 


This exercise typically works well to measure upper body strength for beginners. The body-weight push can be used for conditioning of the upper body to develop muscular endurance.  Use the push up as warm up to an upper body day.  

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