Clean Liftoff Technique

The barbell clean technique requires strength throughout the entire range of motion. The clean liftoff practices grip strength as well as lower back strength at the beginning of the pull (off the ground). 


Begin with the feet shoulders width apart toes turned out about 15-30 degrees.  Take a hook clean grip while the bar is on the ground. Initiate the vertical pull, stopping at mid shin height. Hold for a second followed by a controlled return to the ground.  Repeat repetitions without losing lay engagement. 


Getting off to a good start is important. This technique allows the lifter to practice pulling the bar vertical while maintaining a flat back through the initial pull. It also builds strength in the lower back and hamstrings for stability thoughout the acceleration of the clean.  


To build strength and power, perform 5-8 repetitions of 85-95% of the max. Use after skill lifts to enforce proper technique.  

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