Clean from Blocks

Block training is ideal for creating positional strength and awareness. Additionally, by starting from a static load at a determined phase of the clean; you can increase power production and teach athletes to finish the pull. Increased speed development under the bar is an additional expected outcome.


Start with the barbell set to a determined phase of the clean. Most common is to set the bar just below the knees, forcing the lifter to develop the transition and power through the second pull. Additional start phases are in the power position (above the knee) and the high hip.


Expected outcomes are; increased speed under the bar, power throughout the pull, and the ability to develop strength and fluidity throughout the pull.


Block training can be programmed similar to hang and power variations. Typically performed after the main lift for that day, these can be programmed in the 65-85% RM range for low repetitions to develop both strengh and speed.