Power Jerk

The power jerk is a powerful alternative to the split jerk. The power jerk is also used in training by many who split jerk to increase leg drive and lock out.  


While in the front rack, back vertical, and chest high, bend the knees and sit the hips down over the heels. It is impassive to dip under control keeping the barbell in alignment with the midfoot. Dip depth is typically 10% of an athlete's height. 

At the end of the dip, immediately drive vertically through the midfoot, keeping the bar in the vertical path. As the bar leaves the body, forcefully extend the elbows, open the feet to squatting width, and reflex in the overhead squat stance, absorbing force as you squat. Once stabilized overhead, stand up and settle the weight before dropping.


Aside from a powerful alternative to the split jerk, this power jerk is a supplemental exercise in most weightlifting arsenals to increase leg and arm drive, which will have a direct carry over to split jerks. 


Programming for the power jerk can be done similar to the split jerk.