Split Jerk

The barbell split jerk combines upper body strength and lower body unilateral stability to create a powerful overhead push.


Begin upright with the barbell in the front rack position. Control the descend into a dip, knees pushed laterally, while maintaining the torso vertical. Explosively, drive the bar to overhead while splitting the legs. Follow the explosive drive by catching under the bar with the elbows locked out. Come to a pause after bringing the feet together inlocked out position and push the bar away from the body when guiding it to the ground. 


The split jerk is a complex movement that builds speed and power as well as strength for the upper body and the legs. It is an efficient way to drive the bar to overhead in Olympic weightlifting and circuits involving overhead exercises. For lifters looking to build shoulder strength, the split jerk is perfect due to the power created from the lower body to handle heavier loads. 


Typically, for power use 2-3 repetitions at 75-90% of the maximum.

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