Back Squat

The back squat is a foundational exercise to increase overall strength, leg strength, explosive power, and even for muscular endurance. Improvements in squat strength will lead to increased athletic performance and prepare you for more advanced training exercises.


Standing tall with the barbell on the back across the trapezius muscles is the starting position. To engage the lats for a stable hold, try to bend the barbell. On the descend, keep weight on the balls of the feet and push the knees out laterally over the toes. Rely on the glutes to slow the descend to the bottom of the squat. Push through the heels and bring the body back to the starting the starting position while maintaining an erect torso.  


The back squat is a strength exercise that involves multiple muscles to for execution. Use the back squat when looking to increase overall body strength, leg strength, explosive power, and even for muscle conditioning.

Loading the spinal structures and postural muscles will result in greater strength, neuromuscluar firing, athletic potential, and joint health. Additionally, the increase in strength will allow you to produce greater amounts of power, acceleration, and athleticism.


Typically, for strength use of 2-5 repetitions with 80-90% of maximum. For muscular development and hypertrophy, higher ranges of 8-12 repetitions can be used. Repetitions of 12+ will create muscular development and endurance.

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