The Athlete's Guide to Corrective and Activation Exercises

Regardless of sport or fitness activity, corrective training and/or pre-workout neuromuscular exercise should be integrated into every workout session to:


  • Increase exercise and sports performance
  • Prepare athletes and fitness-goers for increased intensity and demands of exercise
  • Enhance muscular development and motor control
  • Improve asymmetries and imbalances that can result in movement disorders and/or injury


Below is a comprehensive corrective and activation exercises guide for weightlifters, sports athletes, CrossFitters, weekend warriors, coaches, trainers, and gym-goers of all levels.

Ankle, Knee, and Hip

The ankles, knees, and hips are critical to all forms of human movement, sports, and training. Poor ankle mobility can wreak havoc on squatting, runners, and joint integrity. These three videos will take an athlete, weightlifter, powerlifting, or functional fitness-goer through the fullest ranges of motion, restore mobility, and activate the glutes and muscles to prepare them to function correctly during training and sporting activities. All of these are great options to be used as both corrective segments or before training sessions for non-injured athletes.

Thoracic Spine and Scapulae

The thoracic spine plays a vital role in proper spinal function (lower, middle, and upper spine), and is a key factor in shoulder range of motion, stabilization, and injury prevention; all of which are critical to athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters, and fitness-goers or all levels. The below videos take a lifter through a series of stretches, mobility and foam rolling, and movement and strengthening exercises for the shoulder capsule, rotator cuff, and scapulae. These can be integrated during warm-up sets, light work sets, or before sessions.

Shoulder and Rotator Cuff

The shoulder and rotator cuff muscles are critical to throwing, pulling, and many overhead sports; such as weightlifting, baseball, football, golf, and swimming. Proper joint health and muscular development will ensure strength enhancement and injury resilience. The below videos are go-to strengthening exercises and movement drills for both recoverying athletes and trainees, as well as great preventative exercises for all levels.

Elbows and Wrists

These joints are often overlooked with most athletes and warm-ups. Many of these movements are joint specific, and can be done less frequently than others on this list, however are still vital to joint integrity. Poor elbow and wrist mobility and health can be a season ending, surgery inducing issue and should not be taken lightly.

Traps and Cervical Spine (Neck)

These joints are often overlooked with most athletes and warm-ups. Many of these movements are joint specific, and can be done less frequently than than others. Neck issues can stem from poor posture, overactive traps, or other joint and tissue issues of the back, thoracic spine, and shoulders.

Final Words

There are a million and one ways to individualize your warm-up, corrective, and activation routines. For best results, stick with these most popular and effective exercises, explore our J2FIT Youtube channel (or search on web "specific issue + J2FIT"), or contact us about custom nutrition and performance coaching.