The Most Effective Dynamic Warm-Up for Any Workout

Unlike the static stretching segment, this dynamic (movement based) series is designed to prepare the body for controlled, explosive, and forceful movement through the full range of motion (determine on an individual's personal flexibility and mobility capacities).

Most athletes and general fitness-goers can perform this full-bodied warm-up routine geared for lifting, running, and most forms of athletic based movement. The benefit of performing such routine is to:


  • increase body temperature blood circulation to active muscles
  • enhance the neurological system is most prepared to produce coordinated and forceful muscle contractions, and
  • to help you become more in tune with your body in space.


Dynamic stretching refers to taking the muscles and tissues through a range of motion (an individual's end range) in a dynamic, moving fashion. The above series can be done with each exercise covering 20-30 feet or stationary for 20-30 seconds.


As discussed above, the purpose is to elevate the heart rate, increase core body temperature, enhance blood flow to muscles and connective tissues, and prepare muscles and motor patterns for activity.


Dynamic stretching is best done prior to exercise to elevate the heart rate and prepare for activity. Additionally, this can be done after workouts and/or on rest/recovery days to restore range of motion. 

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