Flexibility Routine

Improving flexibility will increase athletic potential, reduce injury, and speed recovery from training. This 10-15 minute static stretching routine should be performed after workouts or as a stand alone stretching session.


Static stretching refers to holding a muscle in an elongated position without additional bouncing or movements (dynamic stretching). To execute, simply perform the stretching exercises by stretching the muscles until you feel moderate tension. Be sure to "take what your body gives you" and to not overstretch the muscle. Very slight discomfort should be present to lengthen the muscle over time. Hold each stretch for 1-2 minutes and repeat, moving through entire flexibility routine.


Increasing the muscles ability to be stretched under tension will increase recovery, athletic performance, mobility, and reduce injury. 


Static stretching is best done when muscles are warm as increased blood flow will aid in the stretching. A light warm up to increase body temperature will work, or perform after your training sessions. If your muscle are not warm, be sure to ease into stretches as to not over stretch the cold muscles.