Snatch Balance

Snatch Balance - Proper Technique, Purpose, and Programming Considerations

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This exercise is used to develop speed under the barbell in the catch of the snatch. This exercise is great to be used in technique and speed development and/or warm-up sessions


Start with a snatch grip on the barbell on the back rack position. With you feet in pulling stance, perform a dip and drive, similar to the jerk, to initiate the barbell upwards of the body, going. Explosively unlock the knees and hips, open the feet (about a foot width) to simultaneously "drive" yourself into the bottom of the overhead squat. This exercise is to be performed explosively. It is important to emphasize the explosive drive under the bar in the catch.


The development of proper overhead and squatting mechanics under high speed is vital for snatching. The addition of the snatch balance will allow an athlete to overload the movement to promote strength, speed, and confidence when committing in the catch of the snatch.


This is a great exercise to build in any warm-up progression, training program, or as a assistance movement after main lifts and more taxing squatting and pulling exercises. Perform this exercise for moderate sets and reps using loads at or near an athlete's 80-110% snatch best.