One of our most popular videos! Watch it and you'll see why. Here's a full video and audio analysis of the snatch in frame by frame breakdowns.


Start in the snatch position from the floor. With your feet hip width apart, turn your toes open 15-30 degrees. Grab the bar with your hook grip, and load yourself into your snatch pulling position. As you ascend, pull your knees back shifting the weight from the balls of your feet to your heels, all while staying over the barbell with the chest and lats. As you pass the knees, explosively bring the bar vertical up the legs and extend your hips, transitioning into your high pull. Reflex your knees and hips to full sit under the barbell in the squat. To increase your catching abilities, slide the feet open 1-3 inches, rotate the barbell to "snap yourself under the bar", forcefully extending the elbows and driving yourself under that bar.


This is the king of all snatch exercises. This exercise incorporates power, strength, mobility, and athletics in one fluid movement.


For beginners and intermediated looking to build a solid foundation for years to come, most repetitions are kept in the 2-5 range using loads of 60-85% of maximum. Additionally, it has be seen that for more advanced trainees, progressive peaking programs using 1-2 repetitions at 80-95% of maximum for 3-4 weeks are also beneficial leading up to competition and max testing. It is important to note that optimal bar speed and technique must stay constant regardless of load, therefore making the 75-85% of maximum range ideal for overall development.

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