Snatch Grip High Pull (Hang)

This snatch assistance exercise is ideal for developing posterior shoulder, trapezius, and upper back strength that is vital to vertical pulling of the bar at the end of the second pull. 


To perform, start in the hang position, , extend the hips, shrug vertically, and elevate the elbows vertically to follow the shrug.


This is a strengthening exercise to enhance your final pull and strength under the barbell. Finishing the pull vertical in the snatch and keeping the bar close as possible to your torso on the ascent will allow you to improve your catching in the squat and overall lift mechanics.


This exercise can be used in most pre-workout routines with the empty barbell for repetitions of 10-20 to enhance mechanics and muscle firing. To build greater strength, stick with repetitions in the 5-10 range with lighter loads of 40-60% of maximum, performed either strict (no hip extension) or with hip involvement (as seen in video).

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